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3mm Clear Perspex Sheet 4 x 8ft For Advertising Signs

3mm Clear Perspex Sheet 4 x 8ft For Advertising Signs


Perspex Sheet

Perspex Sheet,Perspex sheet Make In China DeYuan Acrylic


Description of Perspex Sheet:


Products Name  Perspex Sheet
Dimensions 1220 x 2440mm, 1500*3500mm, 2050*3050mm ect.
Thickness 1-200mm
Density 1.19-1.20g/cm3
Colors Clear,White,Red,Blue,Black,Brown,Green,Fluorescent, Tinted
Raw material PMMA,MMA
Characteristic 1. Clear, Transparency rate can go to over 95%.2. long-time lasting. Highly glossy, easy clean.3. Easy to mould. No-toxic.


Feature of Perspex Sheet: 


Specific gravity of perspex sheet 1.19-1.20
Hardness M-100
Absorptivity of water (24h) 0.30%
Coefficient of Rupture 700kg/cm2
Coefficient of Elasticity 28000kg/cm2
Coefficient of Rupture 1.5kg/cm2
Coefficient of Elasticity 28000kg/cm2
Transmittance (parallel rays) 92%
Full rays 93%
Heat Distortion Temperature 100oc
Coefficient of Linear Expansion
Ultimae Temperature of Continuous operation 80oc
Thermoforming Ranges 140-180oc
Insulation Strength 20V/mm


perspex sheet

perspex sheet,clear perspex sheet,3mm perspex sheet


Application of perspex sheet:

  1. Construction: windows, soundproof windows and doors, mining mask, telephone booths etc.
  2. Advertising: light boxes, signs, signage, exhibition etc.
  3. Transport: trains, cars and other vehicles, doors and windows
  4. Medical: baby incubators, a variety of surgical medical devices
  5. The public goods: sanitary facilities, handicrafts, cosmetics, frame, tank etc.
  6. The industry: surface of the instrument panel and cover etc.
  7. The lighting: fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, street lamp etc.

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