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Cast Acrylic Sheet,Acrylic Mirror ,Perspex Sheet,Extruded PMMA sheet 1mm acrylic mirror sheet clear acrylic rod, bubble acrylic rod clear pmma sheet cast acrylic sheet
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DeYuan History/China DeYuan Acrylic Manufacturer

DeYuan Group found 1985 years,is a manufacturer specialized in producing advertising material lighting material and building material,we have five factories and 20 warehouses in China,our factory can manufacturing extruded acrylic sheet,cast acrylic sheet,extruded acrylic rod,cast acrylic rod,extruded acrylic tubes,Cast acrylic tubes,plexiglass sheet,PMMA Sheet,perspex sheet,Acrylic mirror and PS mirror sheet etc.Now we have 12 extruded production line from italy and 4 cast production line from UK,and use 100% zhuyou,Mitsubishi and lucite etc virgin material.we have 40% market in China about advertising material, we are the largest manufacturer of these products, the customer from the world,Alibaba and SGS Audited Supplier, and Appointed Supplier By EXPO And Government!

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Cast Acrylic Sheet Extruded Acrylic Sheet PMMA Sheet Perspex Sheet

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