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Cast & Extruded Acrylic Sheet/PMMA Sheet

Acrylic Sheet also called pmma sheet, perspex sheet etc, it is made of mma material with glass mold.has the best Property for fabrication and process.

Our acrylic sheet has two kinds of acrylic sheet, one is cast acrylic sheet and the other is extruded acrylic sheet. both are better for signs manufacturer, light products manufacturer,building projects etc

Our Cast Acrylic sheet is made of pure lucite mma material with mold glass imported from UK, and our extruded acrylic sheet is made of virgin zhuyou pmma material from Japan with Union production line from Italy.

We are the largest manufacturer in China for more than 20 years, we are the audited supplier by SGS,Alibaba,goverment,expo etc , at present we have 45% market in china, and the customer from the world.

We have three factories and capacity is 20000 tons every years.

Extruded acrylic sheet is cheaper than cast acrylic sheet, and it is easy to vauum forming and thermoforming,best for signage,light box,billboard,lighting,led light,displays etc, cast acrylic sheet is expensive than extruded acrylic sheet, it is easy to fabrication and engraving, so it is best for acrylic display, acrylic products like holder,process etc

We have different size, color,thickness acrylic sheet, please contact us today to get a quote and discuss your requirement. Email at



China DeYuan Acrylic Sheet is widely use for advertising,lighting and building construction

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