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Anti-Scratch Acrylic Sheet | Abrasion Resistant

Anti-Scratch Acrylic Sheet | Abrasion Scratch Resistant Acrylic sheet

Anti-scratch coatings deliver the highest level of anti-scratch protection.

Whether it’s for retail displays, table tops, door panels or other surfaces exposed to punishing, high-traffic conditions, Plaskolite anti-scratch coating offers protection that lasts.
Specifically designed to meet the challenges posed by high-traffic applications, DEYUAN anti-scratch coating helps maintain the beauty of smooth surfaces with its abrasion-resistant properties. And because DEYAUN anti-scratch coating also incorporates stain- and solvent-resistance, substrates can be written upon with erasable markers, making it useful in scheduling boards and restaurant menu applications.
DEYUAN anti-scratch coating is available on mirror acrylic sheet, non-mirror acrylic sheet and polycarbonate sheet substrates. Contact DEYUAN today to find out more about anti-scratch coating.


Anti-Scratch Acrylic Sheet  Abrasion Resistant

Anti-Scratch Acrylic Sheet Abrasion Resistant

DEYUAN offers very high quality acrylic (PMMA) sheet, hardcoated both sides. The scratch resistant coating has a pencil hardness of 4H minimum.

Indoor use only. Product No: 2X32
Available thicknesses:
.031″ Stock Item .080” Stock Item
.040″ Stock Item .100” Stock Item
.048” Special Order .118” Stock Item
.060” Stock Item
Indoor / outdoor use: Product No. 1561
Available thicknesses:
.031″ Special Order .080” Special Order
.040″ Special Order .100” Special Order
.048” Special Order .118” Special Order
.060” Stock Item

DEYAUN Acrylic Sheet is favored
in products the world over by manufacturers
for its special properties and reliability.
Physical ASTM Test Method Units Values
Specific Gravity D-792 g/cm3 1.19
Optical Refractive Index D-542 1.52
Light Transmittance D-1003 92%
Haze < 1%
Pencil Hardness D-3363 ≥ 4H
Abrasion Resistance
(100 Cycles / 500g Cs-10F Wheels)
D-1044 % Change ≤ 5.0
Water Absorption D-570 % by Wt 0.4
Mechanical Properties ASTM Test Method Units Values
Tensile Strength D-638 Mpa 766
Modulus of Elasticity D-638 Mpa 3.4 x 103
Flexural Strength D-790 Mpa 1177
Environmental Durability Test Method Result
Temperature / Relative Humidity Dependency
High Humidity Testing 60°C / 95%RH / 168 Hrs Pass
Long Term Heat Resistance 40°C / 168Hrs Pass
High Heat Resistance 60°C / 12 Hrs Pass
Long Term Low Temperature -20°C / 168 Hrs Pass
Thermal Cycling ((-20°C / 12 Hrs) + (60°C / 12 Hrs) x 3 Cycles Pass
Thermal Properties ASTM Test Method Units Values
Max Recommended Continuous Service Temperature °C 77 – 88
Softening Temperature °C 99 – 104
Melting Temperature °C 149 – 157
Deflection Temperature Load Unannealed D-648 °C 95
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion D-696 cm / cm / °C 5.4 x 10-5
Debris / Fibers / Black Specs Pits / Speckles
0.05mm < Ø < 0.2mm ≤ 4 Acceptable Ø < 0.5mm Acceptable (except in cluster)
0.02mm < Ø < 1.0mm ≤ 2 Acceptable 0.5mm < Ø < 1.0mm ≤ 5 Acceptable
Ø > 1.0mm Not Acceptable Ø > 1.0mm Not Acceptable
Scratches Coating Tails / Agglomerates
Width Length Specification 3.0mm < Ø < 10mm ≤ 1 Acceptable
Ø < 0.05mm Ø < 1.0mm ≤ 3 Acceptable Ø > 10mm Not Acceptable
Ø < 0.05mm 1.0mm < Ø < 5.0mm ≤ 2 Acceptable
Ø < 0.05mm Ø > 5.0mm Not Acceptable
Solvent Properties Result Solvent Properties Result
Acetone Good Sulfuric Acid Good
Windex Good Nitric Acid Good
Methylene Chloride Good Isopropanol Good
Toulene Goodd Kerosene Good

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