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Cast Acrylic Sheet

Cast Acrylic Sheet is also called perspex sheet or pmma sheet,it is made by a cell-casting process with mma material which provides the following characteristics:best optical-quality, highest long-term design stress,superior weatherability, ease of fabrication,and the highest degree of chemical resistance available in an acrylic sheet.

Our glass mold equipment is from UK and the material is lucite from Japan. Our CAST ACRYLIC Sheets are
18 times stronger than glass, but it is an economical, transparent material that is easy to fabricate
and thermoforming,so it is much more widely usage than glass. Now everywhere we can find the cast acrylic sheet,like windows,light box,signage,billboard,displays,projects etc

The application of cast acrylic sheet is very wide,like vacuum forming,engraving,advertising,lighting industry,instruments parts,lamps,decorations,airplanes,automobile fittings,medical appliances,work of arts,insulation materials for electrical appliances,specimen,signboards and various articles for light industry,culture,education and livelihood.

Features of cast acrylic sheet as follows
1. Excellent transparency
2. Superior Weather-resistance, chemical-resistance, physical-resistance
3. Superior impack-resistance
4.Good mechanical performance
5.Good electrical insulation
6.Stable and durable
7.Crack resistance
8.UV Light resistance
9.Stable color under outdoor exposure
10. Eco-friendly, non-toxic
11.Easy to clean by rainwater or rag
12. Easy to fabrication,like cutting,engraving,polishing,drilling etc

Cast Acrylic sheet specification as follows:

1.100% virgin mma lucite material
2.Size: 1.22 x 2.44m,1.22 x 1.83m,1.85 x 2.45m,2.05 x 3.05m,1.54 x 3.05m,1.35 x 2m,1.66 x 2.6m etc a lot
of size are available
3.Thickness: 2mm to 200mm
3.Color: clear,clear color,solid color,frosted,fluorecent,matte etc
6.Packing: double side with paper or PE flim, then wooden pallet for safe delivery
6.Production time: 20 days for 1 x 20ft container

Another kinds of acrylic sheet is extruded acrylic sheet, which is made by extrusion production
line with PMMA material.

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