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Difference Between Cast Acrylic Sheet and Extruded acrylic sheet

How to judge the cast acrylic sheet or extruded acrylic sheet?

  1. First from the Thickness, the thickness of cast acrylic sheet is from 1.8mm to 200mm
    even 500mm, but for extruded acrylic sheet, the thickness only from 0.8mm to 12mm.

  2. Second, our extruded acrylic sheet is good for vacuum forming.

  3. Third, cast acrylic sheet is better for engarving and bending etc.

Difference between CAST Acrylic sheet and Extruded Acrylic sheets , More details as follows.

Cast Acrylic Sheets

The result is a sheet of rigid PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) or what is generically called Acrylic. Various trade names are applied to this sheet – in Europe we call it “Perspex”, in the USA it’s often referred to as “Plexi or Plexiglas” other brand names include “Setacryl”, “Polycryl”, “Oroglas” and many more.

In addition to the above CAST acrylic sheets lend themselves to ease of fabrication. Cutting, whether with conventional saws produce a cleaner cut and the sheets when stacked (cut in multiples) tend not to fuse or weld together. In addition CAST acrylic when laser cut produce a highly polished edge, thus reducing finishing times when fabricating. Furthermore, when hot wire line bending, drape or vacuum forming CAST acrylic sheets are more malleable / pliable than Extruded acrylic sheet.

Extruded Acrylic Sheets

As the pellets progress through the heated zones of the extruder barrel the heat increases until the pellets melt into a molten mass.
This molten mass is pushed forward into a conical / cone shaped die which then widens out into the die lips. The molten mass, under pressure from the screw drive, reaches the die lips and pushes outwards along the die lips to produce a molten sheet. The height / gap of the die lips is set slightly larger than the thickness required for the finished sheet. This continuous band of molten acrylic sheet is then passed through sets of cooling rollers, which may emboss a pattern / finish onto the sheet as it cools or may just produce a standard gloss / smooth finish.
As the sheet progresses down the haul off line it has cooled sufficiently to be edge trimmed, cut to the final finished length required and a protective P/E film is applied. Finally, the sheets are palletized and wrapped for dispatch.

Extruded Acrylic sheets have a better tolerance on thickness, typically + or – 10% , however, tighter tolerances can be achieved by prior agreement with the extrusion mill. Because of the continuous nature of production short production runs are of the order of 3 – 5 Tonne per size and gauge and colour. Clear, Opal and black are amongst the more standard colours produced.

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