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Extruded Acrylic sheet and Cast Acrylic Sheet

We are China best manufacturer of extruded acrylic sheet and cast acrylic sheet, which widely used for signage,light box,billboard,sign board,acrylic displays,acrylic crafts etc

Now we are using ISO9001-2009 quality system to control our products quality.Our exrusion production line is union from italy, and cast glass mold is SGM from TaiWan.Our material is lucite and zhuyou.

Cast Acrylic sheet is made of MMA material with Famous advance Cast Mold Glass, It is best for fabrication and widely purpose.

This is Cast mold for making cast acrylic sheet
Extrudede Acrylic Sheet is made of ZhuYou material with Union Extrusion production line, It is best for thermoforming and vacumm forming.

Union extrusion production line for making extruded acrylic sheet
We have 45% market in China, and 20% for exporting. Our quality are very best, please kindly contact us

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