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Cast Acrylic Sheet,Acrylic Mirror ,Perspex Sheet,Extruded PMMA sheet 1mm acrylic mirror sheet clear acrylic rod, bubble acrylic rod clear pmma sheet cast acrylic sheet
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Transparent and Colored Plexi-glass Acrylic Sheet for advertising ,crafts ,building,lighting purpose

Transparent and Colored PMMA Acrylic Sheet for advertising ,crafts ,building,lighting purpose


PMMA sheet
1. Sheet made by 100% virgin material.
2. PMMA Material from SUMITOMO
3. Certified ISO9001:2008
4. Clear&Colours

5. Thickness: 1mm to 12mm


High Quality Transparent Plexiglass Sheet/Cast PMMA Sheet/Acrylic Plastic Sheet, DeYuan pmma sheet factory is a professional manufacturer of cast pmma sheet,transparent acrylic sheet,acrylic plastic sheet. Our factory is many years of MMA area and one of oldest pmma sheet factories in China. It estabulished 1985 in FoShan. Our main parts of equipments are imported from Taiwan and the raw material is 100% LUCITE of U. K. We have three production lines and the capacity is 1000 tons/month. We have more than 7 years export experiences and the quality is satisfied by home and abroad customers.


We have a good quality and very competitive price, now we are looking for the foreign distributors,wholesalers,acrylic fabricators, advertising,decoration,signs manufacturer and light,LED manufacturer etc,please contact us if you are interested.

Specification of High Quality Transparent Acrylic Sheet/Cast PMMA Sheet/Acrylic Plastic Sheet

Product Description

Item Cast & Extruded Acrylic PMMA Sheet Price,Acrylate Sheet,Plexiglass sheeet
Raw material 1 Cast Acrylic sheet : 100% Virgin Lucite material/ Mitsubishi MMA
Raw material 2 Extruded Acrylic sheet : Japan Zhuyou 372 material / Korea LG PMMA
Production Line Pilkington Glass in U. K and extrusion production lines from Italy Union
Cast Acrylic sheet Standard SizeWithout edge 1000×2000,1350×2000,1220x 1830,1500×3000 ,1220×2440, 1830×2440,2000×3000
Cast Acrylic sheet Standard Size Without edge 1020×2020,1390×2040,1550×3050,1850×2450,1240 x1850mm, 1240x2460mm, 2050×3050
Extruded Acrylic sheet Standard Size 1220 x 1830mm, 1220 x 2440mm, 2000 x 3000mm
Extruded Acrylic sheet Customized size No Length limited, Width-No more than 2050mm
Thickness CAST 1.5mm-500mm
Thickness EXtruded 1mm-11.5mm
Density 1.2g/cm3
Colors Clear, Translucent, Fluorescent, Frosted/Matted / Normal colored, Customized color is welcome
Packing Paper or PE film masking on both side, and wooden pallets for safe delivery
Quality 5 to 10 years,Outdoor,anti-uv
Certificate ISO9001,CE,UL,SGS,ROHS


1 (2)Wholesales high quality MMA clear cast acrylic sheet transparent plexiglass sheets

Application of High Quality Transparent Acrylic Sheet/Cast PMMA Sheet/Acrylic Plastic Sheet :


1, Construction:Wndows,Soundproof windows and doors,Mining mask,Telephone booths,etc.
2, Ad: Light boxes,Signs,Signage,Exhibition, etc.
3, Transport:Trains,Cars and other vehicles’doors
4, Medical: Baby incubators,a variety of surgical medical devices
5, Public goods:Sanitary facilities,Handicrafts,Cosmetics,Frame,Tank,etc.
6, Industry:Surface of the instrument panel and cover,etc.
7, Lighting:Fluorescent lamps,chandeliers,street lamp,etc.

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High Quality Transparent Acrylic Sheet/Cast PMMA Sheet/Acrylic Plastic Sheet Features:

1. Excellent transparency.

2. Good mechanical performa

3. Good electrical insulation.

4. Stable and durab

5. Non-toxic.

6. Superior impact resis

7. Crack resist

8. Superior weather resistance.

9. UV light resistance.

10. Chemical resistance.

11. Stable color under outdoor exposure.


Physical property of High Quality Transparent Acrylic Sheet/Cast PMMA Sheet/Acrylic Plastic Sheet :


specific gravity 1.19-1.20
prockwell hardness (kg/cm2) m100
shear strength (kg/cm2) 630
rupture (kg/cm2) 1050
tensile strength (kg/cm2) 760
impact strength (cal/groC) 0.35
thermal seformation temp (oC) 100
thermal forming temp (oC) 140–180
light transmuittance 92%
refractive index 1.49
water absorption 0.3%
dielectric strength (kv/mm) 20



Why Choose Us?


1.We’re a manufactuer with so many years in making cast acrylic sheet/color acrylic sheet/acrylic sheet.

2.Our material is imported with high quality, low price.

3.Our artworks are elegant, nice looking, glossy surface, no scratch.

4.Our products are passed through CE,SGS. Environment friendly, harmless to human.


Packing & Loading

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